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Five-and-a-half minutes into the Grace Community Church video above, Grace senior pastor Steve Riggle walks viewers through a drawing of a more elaborate structure. What if there was one of these at every entrance to the Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 And it was there for the prayer movement in the city, not just a church.

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You talk about marking our city for God. The drawing shows a cylindrical prayer center mounted 40 feet above a stone base, reached by elevators and topped by a hollow Monaco discrete sex open globe.

The lookimg stabs through the globe at the North Pole, which is quite a ways away from Houston. Wonder if there is any way to Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 this silliness?

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This is more about the ego of the church leaders than about spreading any sort of good. That money would be better served actually helping people.

The pastor needs such a big cross to compensate for other Tecas shortcomings…. If this was a mosque, whith a tower the same height; the mainstream media would not even publish the story. 7034 quote from Lou Gallardo at the bottom takes the cake.

This city has Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 sexually oriented establishments than any place I have ever been. I happen to be a Christian but ever if you are not…and that is your choice….

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If Sex dating in Bluffs else, I would think it would appeal to the morally upright??? I hate billboards with the same vitriol Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 which I hate the idea of giantostentatious crosses.

As many, many other people have said: This church is using their money and their ridiculous crosses to do nothing more than draw attention to themselves. The crosses would be the equivalent of billboards: I think the Grace congregation ought to be ashamed of themselves.

He could defend Houston against Godzilla or Cloverfieldesque events. This is a sick, abominable idea.

Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034

There is nothing Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 am aware of in any religion Christian or otherwise that could possibly begin to promote such a monstrous egotistical display. What a way to praise god, add yet another eyesore to black gods natural creations. I like the idea of heaven SO much that I prefer my views of it not be blocked. So many of these comments really sadden me.

I drove down I 45 this morning and saw the cross sign — tho barely as the bill board with a scantily clad lingerie ad was a short distance past it.

But it appears that ads such as these are acceptable to many. At least not at this point in her life.

Grace Community Church and the Giant Crosses on I | Swamplot

Or is it the fear of viewing a cross that would make us stop and think of what that cross represents. Would that cross really make you more uncomfortable than the liquor or sex ads? This city is full of crime, drugs, poverty and instead of feeding into it why not try something to help it? That help is not going to come from Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 governmental agencies obviously. Many here made assumptions of the persons involved in a church wanting to take a stand and have themselves represented on the side of the road.

Do you know anything about the church or persons attending? What kind of church is it? What services do they offer to this city…. I googled it and snooped around some. Wow, what self serving jackyls they are. If your child was lieing Chatham good pussy a hospital bed with a dismal chance of survival….

Would you be ashamed of praying? Why should the non-christian part of houston have to look at this huge symbol that has a negative connotation Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 them everyday on their way to work?

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This is a catastrophic waste of money too. If the church wants to help people, then they should do just that. For all of you against this mega cross, let me ask you one thing…who do you call on when things go bad. Its an awesome idea. We need one built from all 4 directions. Thank you Grace Community for taking such a bold step.

I drive by Texxas billboard twice Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 day. I am very offended by the fact that I will have to look at this monstrosity.

I am offended that this church would spend money on this rather than do what they claim is their true lioking. On top of being an eyesore, everyone is right that the money wasted on that cross could have been better spent on something else.

And stop talking about the billboards for the adult shops, you are just deflecting the point about the cross being enorumus and out ssex place. That was the vehicle of his execution comparable to the electric chair. Rhonda…so lets see if we have this right.

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I wonder how acepting good Christians like you would be if someone errected a foot tall crescent of Islam, or Star of David, or Wiccan totem, or statue of Buddha. We just got back from a vacation to the Houston Adultt. I personally think the existing monster cross is ugly Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 the least.

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The giant crosses Bbw needs ass fucked symbols of many things, none of them being nice. Our Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 has been poor, been through horrible things, taken hostage, attacked, survived. Our church is very blessed now. Many of our members are blessed and able to help out the needy. Or if you do remember, is that also an example of our pride?

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Learn the facts before you talk umm, type. Not just at Christmas either. Hope to see you at Women for sex Xiasi place called Grace. We all okay by the grace of God we hope Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 also will be okay by the Grace of God. I feel Pleased to state these few words to get my self introduced at this time. Mbidu a resident of Tanzania, I live in the city of Dar Es salaam, just 5km.

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So dear most beloved Please give us time for Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 Jesus glory in Tanzania in we hope Houstonn Trust on God that you will respond positively in giving us Time in We are praying for your coming to Tanzania.

God is good all the Time. God bless you and your Family and Church. Sign Up for Swamplot Emails: Riggle asks What if there was one of these at every entrance to the city?

Adult looking sex Houston Texas 77034 crosses on the side of the highway! The crosses are not about Grace Community Church, Riggle pointed out.

From a church Wanted attractive man The Thrill Is Gone. Pat July 10, at 4: Brad July 10, at 4: Jay C Teaxs 10, at 6: Chris July 11, at 6: Tex July 11, at 6: Chuckles July 11, at 8: Gabacho July 11, at 2: Bill July Tecas, at 3: Rhonda July 14, at 2: K July 15, at Anthony August 12, at 1: Jeez, this is like penis envy for religion.

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A Houstonian December 7, at 5: If other religions take their faiths as seriously as this pastor does… Actually. Daustu December 7, at 5: Biggest waste of money. Pat December 29, at 8: NLB January 25, at 7: Johndoe February 9, at 8: Jose February 10, at