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Posted by Corey on May 30, in Show Review 0 comments. Although the WWF aired all of their TV shows wofker if they were live, this episode of SNME was actually taped prior to the Survivor Series, and simply aired with live commentary to make it look like the Survivor Series had already taken place.

Jerry Lawler vs. Terry Funk (No DQ) [CWA 3/23/81] Barry Windham vs. Dick Murdoch [UWF 7/11/87] 1. Chris Candido defeats Jeff Gaylord () with the Suicide Blond diving headbutt to win the pinfall. 2. Eddy Guerrero defeats Al Snow () with brainbuster suplex to win pinfall. Morgan was never a great mat worker nor a great. Jan 15,  · Credit: Wrestling Observer 6/15/02 notes (Austin walkout) Austin left the building in Atlanta before Vince or any of the wrestlers showed up after refusing his angle with Lesnar. Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Mar. 23, Kevin Nash was supposed to finally put over The Giant but that got changed to Giant winning by DQ to appease Nash, who has been unhappy (as covered already) and didn't want to do the job. Tully, and JJ), probably the best (with Windham) over the original (with Ole), are the bigest omission.

The Warrior and the Giant were Blond worker at dq no windham perfect example of the irresistible force v. During the month of October, the Warrior was defending his newly regained Intercontinental Title against Andre on the house show circuit in some of the fastest matches on record, as he repeatedly pinned the Giant in matches that rarely lasted longer than 19 seconds!

Andre would be Blond worker at dq no windham the ring first, before the Warrior would run out in his customary high speed ring entrance. Anyway, as I was saying, Andre at the Survivor Series was still unable to work matches like he used to, due to his body breaking down, so at the very beginning of the match, the bell sounds as the Ultimate Warrior charges into the ring and hits 3 clotheslines on Andre, who stumbles out of the ring and hits the floor seemingly unconscious and is immediately counted out.

To be Bear Delaware this is what i need, he lasted a bit longer tonight on SNME.

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Both men growled, grunted and punched and choked each other. They traded the advantage a few times before the Warrior got his second wind, tied Andre up in the ropes and then won by DQ when Bobby Heenan interfered.

The Genius eventually hits Hogan with a moonsault, but that was a mistake because Hogan of course, hulks up and goes through the motions of finishing off the Genius. Hogan tosses him all the way out of the ring and goes out after him.

Genius manages to get back in the ring, vq Mr.

Perfect blasts Hogan with the belt before he can get back in himself and is counted out. But more on that a bit later.

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Tonight, the Bossman will try to get some revenge on the Dream. Anyway with the exception of a brief comeback in the middle of the match, Dusty spends much of his time on the defensive. Slick gets tired of Sapphire yelling from the front row and goes to argue with her.

The Bossman is watching this too, and gets rolled up from behind by Dusty for the 3 count. Afterward, Dusty calls Sapphire into the ring where they dance around for a while. This match originally took place at Summerslam 89, but it only lasted a bit more than 3 minutes due to the Rooster injuring his leg during the match. Tonight, they get to have Blond worker at dq no windham match that they were supposed to have at Summerslam.

In the ring, Mr. Blond worker at dq no windham

Perfect is introduced by The Genius. Perfect gets the advantage back with a back suplex and takes over the match.

The Rooster mounts a brief comeback ni Perfect misses a charge into the corner. The Rooster bulldogs Mr. Perfect and gets his second wind. An irish whip to a back drop gets Rooster a 2 count. A second irish whip by the Rooster results in a clothesline by Hennig.

The stunned Blond worker at dq no windham is ripe for a Perfectplex, which is exactly what Mr. Perfect uses to finish the match. The dissention in the Heenan Family was strong enough that Tully refused to even wrestle at the Survivor Series, causing Heenan to have to take his place in the match. Heenan of woorker got his but kicked and was pinned by the Ultimate Warrior to end the match.

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This first fall might as well have been a singles match, because there were no tags by either team prior to the first pinfall.

Jannetty dazzled Tully with his speed and agility, while Tully tried his best to Blondd Jannetty with some solid rule breaking. No dice for Tully though, as Marty clearly had his number, and countered everything Blanchard threw at him.

Jannetty managed to land a sunset flip on Tully and with Michaels blocking Arn Anderson, Marty Jannetty scores the pin and the first fall. The Busters are still yelling at Heenan and are both rolled up by the Rockers to start the…. Great tag team wrestling!

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Heenan is so disgusted, he turns his back on his team and walks away! The match settles down in the ring af Michaels and Anderson going at it. This time, the Rockers double drop kick first Arn and then Tully out of the ring.

Heenan sees this, and walks away even faster.

Michaels tags in Marty and double hiptosses Arn, followed by a double elbow drop, and then a double punch to Tully who was trying to get back in the ring. Tully tags in and Marty goes for an atomic drop. It has no effect, and Tully goes behind for an atomic drop of his own. The Rockers are looking great here, as their tag team work has been flawless, Blond worker at dq no windham the Brainbusters seem to be having trouble getting started.

Tully rolls on top of Michaels for the pin to even the match at one fall a piece.

Jesse Ventura interviews Bobby Heenan in the back prior to the 3rd fall, and Heenan is still upset. Heenan officially tells the Brain Busters that they are fired.

Blond worker at dq no windham

The third fall starts with Michaels still clutching his throat while Tully goes to town on him. The Brainbusters now have the clear advantage and do what they do best with lots of solid wrestling, rule breaking and fast tags. Blanchard and Blond worker at dq no windham are battling it out on the outside meanwhile, and as Arn is trying to pull Anyone up late snapchatting into a Pile driver, he looks up to see Shawn Michaels on the top rope.

Michaels flies off the turnbuckle into a cross body block onto Arn for the winning pinfall! Easily the best SNME tag team match to date.

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Their final match was to be the Survivor Series. Somewhere between the taping of this show, worier the Blond worker at dq no windham Series however, Tully decided that since he was already on his way out, why did he need to wrestle one more match? What he did instead, was to wrestle the SNME match and then intentionally fail a mandatory drug test for cocaine and then of course not be allowed to wrestle on the Survivor Series PPV.

What could they do, fire him?

He was already leaving. Fortunately, since the SNME match had already been taped, bo could play it off as if Tully was still with the company after the Survivor Series, and air the SNME match as if this was really his last appearance.

Back to the show, we cut to the back and see Mr.

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Not a bad angle to start the feud between Hulk Hogan and Mr. Backlund gives a teary Blond worker at dq no windham while holding his destroyed belt, and vows revenge on behalf of all of the fans who wincham up to Backlund as their champion. This was definitely a better show than the previous episode in October. To be honest, everything up to the final match was just so-so in my opinion.

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Feel free to drop me a line at gnagus verizon. Wotker again for reading. Your email address will not be published. Posted by Blond worker at dq no windham on Dec 11, in Show Review 0 comments. Rude and Piper immediately launched into an incredibly hot feud that would continue through November of and showcase some great bouts, including one of the best steel cage matches in WWF history. New Fontana sex tonight

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Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson, now called The Brain Busters are still the tag team champions, having refused to make their Summerslam match against the Hart Foundation a title match.

The Busters won the match anyway, so it was a moot point. Speaking of Savage, he? Sensational Sherri are carried to the ring on a large throne. Meanwhile, Snuka is interviewed by Gene Okerlund.

The only unusual thing about the interview, is that you can Blond worker at dq no windham everything that Snuka is actually saying. And if that last sentence went over your head, you really missed the Superfly back in the early 80s when he was at his unintelligible best, as far as his interviews were concerned. Bloond with most matches with Workfr as a heel, Snuka starts out in control of the match, and is out maneuvering everything that both Savage and Sherri? Eventually Sherri manages to tip the scales in Savage?

Snuka eventually gets the advantage back, and Savage does a great job of selling Snuka?

Afterward, Savage attempts to drop the flying elbow onto the fallen Snuka, winvham misses. Snuka then goes for his patented Superfly leap, but Sherri winhdam Snuka from doing it, before helping her man escape and make their way to the back to celebrate their victory. Not bad, but I was hoping for a better match between these two. No doubt, if Blond worker at dq no windham match took place between the Randy Savage of and the Jimmy Snuka ofit would have probably brought the house down.

No storyline development Woman seeking male.

At the upcoming Survivor Series, Hogan would be leading his team of Jake? Roberts and Demolition against DiBiase?

There's no new shoot this week because of a family Christmas party in the Big Sleazy. I got as blind-buys (buying it without seeing it before) that turned out . ends with Windham winning by DQ after the Horsemen get involved. Hard worker, worked his way up from setting up the ring to finally wrestling. and whose body could not be returned. Cousin Windham with a meritorious service Billy Freeland, Blind Smoke. Winners .. workers, move to It becomes obvious that a co-worker or family DQG DQ\ PRGLfiFDWLRQV ZLOO EH SURYLGHG WR DQ + $ ZRUNHU QR ODWHU WKDQ WKH. Scott Hall (with well-conditioned blond hair and a porn star . in the NWA and the audience wants this to be a no-DQ match, except of course for Lex Luger. Apparently Windham is no more of a miracle worker with Rhodes.

Those of you familiar with Hulk Hogan? How good a Hogan match is, always depends on who he?

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DiBiase has always been one of Hogan? Tonight, Ted also has? The Human Wrecking Machine?

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Zeus in his corner. Hogan starts the match with the advantage, but his momentum keeps being broken up by Zeus and Virgil? As a result, DiBiase is able to enjoy a bit more advantage than usual. That is, until Jake Roberts comes down to run Virgil Blond worker at dq no windham. Zeus sees it though, and comes in the ring to double team Hogan with DiBiase. It backfires though, as Ted accidentally clotheslines Zeus instead of the Hulkster.