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Want to go riding 2up

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Free ADV gear for annual subscribers: Anyone else hate riding 2-up? Sir Not AppearingApr 18, Women grand island to fuck 9, Oddometer: I really don't know what it is. I've been riding for 8yrs now and have ridden two-up plenty Want to go riding 2up times, but I simply hate it.

I find myself worrying way Want to go riding 2up much about what the passenger is doing or going to do even when I know they are good passengers that lean, etc. I end up being a nervous mess and don't enjoy the ride at all. Other than a quick ride across town, I just prefer not to ride with a passenger especially if its going to be a "fun" ride.

I know there are people that will go carve corners with a passenger, but IMHO, riding two-up on fun roads is like having a shiny new Shelby GT with your kid sitting in a child seat in the back.

Want to go riding 2up

The reason I've been thinking about this is because I'm taking a mi. Probably just me, but wondering if there are others that don't care for riding with a passenger. Nov 1, Oddometer: Most times I despise it, for many of the same reasons you state.

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I told the wife if she wants to come along she will need to learn to ride and ride her own. Even though I think she is a smart rider, she inexperienced.

So its now a totally different set of worries. Although occasionally it is fun to go out two up on a nice relaxed ride.

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MApr 18, Jul 12, Oddometer: Washington State, the dry side. I thoroughly enjoy riding with my wife as passenger. We just take it easy and stop to look around a lot. It's a different kind of riding, relaxed, enjoyable.

Tips for better two-up riding and a happier passenger - RevZilla

I'm not out to set new land speed records. She's ridden with me so much that we work together on the bike.

I keep asking if she wants her own bike, but she just likes tagging Wajt on the back. I don't do much 2-up on dirt though. Gentle dirt roads only. I'd feel terrible if my riding hurt her.

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PhotogApr 18, Oct 13, Oddometer: We're Want to go riding 2up every weekend. I can't tell she's back there It's a cool feeling. I think it ridihg some courage to be back there I couldn't do it.

I think the up-side is that I've become a smoother rider Downside is the tremendous responsibility I'd hate to think that a brain-fart on my part could cause her harm.

But in a way, that's part of what's made me safer--I don't take those big risks anymore. Overall I found I haven't really given Want to go riding 2up too much to ride 2-up. OlyVRApr 18, Apr 12, Oddometer: I also hate it for the reasons you mentioned. When I wanted to Lady wants sex Hutchinson Island back into riding after a few years off, I bought a bike for the wife first, taught her to ride and the rest is history.

We've been enjoying riding together but on separate bikes for almost 8 years now. Riving, but so much more enjoyable.

Uncle ErnieApr 18, Jul 3, Oddometer: I ricing one bike that seemed to feel more "planted" in the turns. It felt pretty good.

A lot depends on the passenger, too. I had one girlfriend who was a lot of fun. Rieing a sissy, if you know what I mean. It helps a lot when they hang on to you- not the stinky grab rail that throws the weight back too much. Anyway- after my last crash T-bonedmy wife will only ride in the sidecar. Want to go riding 2up

Jan 24, Oddometer: Apr 10, Oddometer: Im not a huge fan of two up either. If i do something and eff myself up i can live with that but i dont think i could deal with hurting someone else that had no control over the situation.

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Jun 16, Oddometer: I like riding 2-up the same way I would like dragging a big anchor on a chain. Who likes riding 2-up on a horse?

My wife likes to ride with me so Im considering which sled to go with - either a gade with rmotion or a gsx with air only. With the gade and rmotion would I need to change to a heavier spring? How good is trail riding 2up on a long track? Jump to content She's not fast or experienced enough, nor does she want her own ride. We did this. Dec 05,  · Just wanted to get some opinions on the best bike(s) for riding two people. Emphasis on sportiness and comfort for the passenger. Not ready to go to a cruiser just yet. May 23,  · Any more, I try to avoid 2up riding for safety reasons. But I shouldn't assume anything, as maybe the passengers want to go for an exciting ride. When I ride two up, I ride at my absolute safest, slowest, and mellowest rate. You also totally misunderstood what I was saying about 2up riding. I'm sure others understood me. Go in peace.

I've ripped out the back seat Wsnt the question nevers comes up! Apr 26, Oddometer: I'm too n00bly for a passenger but I don't Want to go riding 2up I'd like it.

I'd be too worried about them. On a side note: I saw a guy today pulling out of a driveway with a little girl on back, I mean little!

Her little arms didn't quite reach around him, she was in shorts and a Want to go riding 2up, her feet didn't touch the pegs. She had a helmet on, but only because it's law I think.

She was wrestling with how to hold on Wife looking nsa NY New york 10037 that big helmet in the way. He was on a smaller sport bike with no backrest.

If I could have gotten turned around quick enough to catch him I would have flogged the guy. Some people are Gp asinine! Dec 20, Oddometer: Oct 1, Oddometer: I have not ot a passeger in 30 years, hate it and i have Want to go riding 2up ridden bitch once in that time also.

Solo is what bikes are about for me.

It too offers a very sporty package for those that want to ride two-up. Road Glide Ultra caters to cruiser riders that want to go the distance. So that special someone wants to ride on the back of your motorcycle, now you just need some simple tips to make riding two-up just a little more comfortable. It's easy and fun to come up with your own language. Anticipate. Riding 2 up - What you need to know to be safe. able to move with the motorcycle - you need to lean in with the curves, and move down on the straight- aways.

Nov 14, Oddometer: One of the reasons I enjoy riding so much is the privacy and solitude to be alone with one's thoughts. If I did everything with the wife I'd get sick of her in a hurry. Riding is best enjoyed as a boys day out type activity and Want to go riding 2up why it remains sacred, for me and my buds anyway.

Sure we've had women along as pillions occaisionally but its Online sex personals Sparks Nebraska not the same BuchoApr 18, Dec 10, Oddometer: To the ridihg poster, You aren't being a dick.

A sportbike would be a terrible place Want to go riding 2up spend several mile days on. I have ridden passengers for short hops on small dualsports, that is generally aweful. However I had a great ride today with my wife on my concours.

2up on a Twin to the Canadian Maritimes | Page 2 | Adventure Rider

She also rides, but only has a small dualsport. I like the occasional two-up ride for a slower sight seeing type outing. But I also like solo for motard hooliganism, offroading, dualsporting I wouldn't mind converting my concours to handle a sidecar, for passenger duty.

Sep 13, Oddometer: